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About our Translators

Translators are our most important asset. Our translators are able to handle complex, large-scale projects involving various combinations of languages. Our team of translators observe local linguistic styles, formatting styles and conventions. We have worked with many of our translators for more 10 years. If you are interested in joining our team of translators, please send us an e-mail with your CV.

Translation Services 

Given the progress in the field of the Information Technology we can only rejoice and make use of everything that brings our Humanity to even higher levels of Development. The past four decades have brought dramatic changes in the way we live and work. This phenomenon is widely characterized as the advent of the Information Society. 

About twenty years ago, most digital content was textual. Today, it has expanded to include audio, video, and graphical data. The challenge is now to organize, understand, and search this multimodal information in a robust, efficient, and intelligent way, and to create dependable systems that allow natural and intuitive multimodal interaction. 

The Excellence Cluster on “Multimodal Computing and Interaction”, established by the German Research Foundation (DFG) within the framework of the German Excellence Initiative, addresses this challenge. The term multimodal describes the different kinds of information such as text, speech, images, video, graphics, and high-dimensional data, and the way it is perceived and communicated, particularly through vision, hearing, and human expression. The cluster comprises the Computer Science and Computational Linguistics and Phonetics departments of Saarland University, the Max Planck Institute for Informatics, the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, and the newly established Max Planck Institute for Software Systems. 

To provide Excellence, Immediacy, and Efficiency we combine modern technology and human facilities.

Our services include

  • Express Translations
  • Document Translations
  • Certified Translations
  • Technical Translations
  • Electrical Engineering &
  • Electronics
  • IT & Software
  • Communication & Media
  • Website Translations
  • Translations in Economics & Law
  • Finance & Banking
  • Chemistry & Biotechnology
  • Medicine &
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • etc. Depending on the type of order, also Home Services may be the choice of our clients or/ and freelancers

All Languages

We offer translations in EU languages, African Languages and Asian languages.

Any language, in any field you wish a translation don’t hesitate to get in touch with our services.
We provide highly qualified interpreters and would be pleased to select appropriately experienced members of our flexible service team to assist. We provide simultaneous interpreters for conferences, as well as consecutive and ad-hoc interpreters for meetings with international delegates in attendance. We are also able to provide interpreters for Court proceedings. Our Interpretation Service covers over 100 languages. Simultaneous interpreters for conferences always work in pairs from inside a booth. Due to the high levels of fatigue caused by verbally translating the delegates’ speeches into another language at the same moment they are spoken, each pair of interpreters works in tandem: while one interpreter speaks, the other interpreter rests.


Cover People have a strong face-to-face interpreting department. Our interpreters are hand-picked for each individual assignment; whether called out to assist with a factory visit, a business dinner or working on a film set, we make sure we send an experienced linguist with the right personality for that environment. We are always quick to respond to emergency language needs.
Where the interpreter stands beside the speaker and interprets in sections, i.e. consecutively. Depending on the length of the sections of speech, the interpreter may take notes, and then when the speaker stops, the interpreter repeats what has been said into the requested language. The interpreter will accurately reproduce what has been said. This form of interpreting is often used for short speeches and live media interviews.
One of the fastest-growing services which is being used increasingly by our clients. A flexible service that fits around you and can be set up within minutes. Our coordinators will take your contact details from you and subsequently set up the conference call. The coordinator will then call you and your interlocutor, with a professional interpreter on the line ready to start interpreting. This service provides a less expensive alternative to face-to-face interpreting…
Great value whispering interpreters covering over 100 languages. No special equipment required. What is Whispering Interpreting? Whispering Interpreting is where the interpreter sits next to the person needing to understand the foreign language and whispers what’s being said in their ear.
A form of consecutive interpreting which is to some extent the most personal and informal type of interpreting. It is used principally for small groups or meetings (e.g. a business meeting between two executives). For liaison interpreting, our experienced, qualified interpreters work both into and out of their mother tongue.

Your Knowledge is the Way to Your Success!

How do you commit Yourself to a Lifetime of Learning Education? Experience and enthusiasm are each sparkplug that work to ignite your success. But if you want to build speed and maintain momentum, you’ll need sustainable fuel in the form of lifelong learning. The world is in a state of perpetual evolution, and in order to stay abreast of the latest innovations and understand how to leverage them effectively, you’ll need to get curious and strive to continually expand your knowledge base. Show me any successful person and I’ll show you someone who continually cultivates their mind and persistently looks for new ways to incorporate knowledge and its application in all that they do. Three Steps towards achievement

Step 1: Read challenging material.
Step 2: Seek constructive feedback.
Step 3: Learn so you can teach others. Can one indefinitely be able to learn without coming across a non-native Language?

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